Cocktail Chameleon Cheers with Mark Addison

Neiman Marcus San Diego had the honor of being the final stop, on the Mark Addison Cocktail Chameleon book signing tour! Mr. Addison is a well known reputable event planner, his clients include the Academy Awards. 

The blue Neiman Marcus, collectible limited edition Cocktail Chameleon. Features over 100 various styles, of signature cocktails. Guests had the privilege to view and sample, four different cocktails from Mark Addison's book. 

While thoroughly explaining the significance of using alcohol specific glassware. Creating drinks with the freshest ingredients, are the key recipe to enhancing the aroma and flavors of the cocktail. 
Last but not least, how to dress the drink with accessories. 
The detail of the  garnishments 
make the presentation of the drink.

After the Cocktail Chameleon presentation, Mark Addison signed copies of the blue special edition book, only available at Neiman Marcus.

Cocktail Chameleon is the perfect book for hosting the best cocktails for any occasion. Plus it's a wonderful gift for the holiday season! 
Want to kick the New Year off right? You can create the perfect toast, with

Cheers Everyone!

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