Contributors Spotlight: Meet Lily and Gabrielle

Introducing, new contributors to Fashion Mixtape, meet Lily and Gabrielle.
Learn about their love for fashion, plus future aspirations!

Like With Lily: Social Media contributor Lily Pham, 

Here is all about how Lily, got started in fashion, what inspires her, muses, and the future!

I have this personal notion of anyone can do it, but not everyone does it.  Most people dress themselves, but not everyone thinks about it in the same way.  Do you look at an outfit and match it point for point?  Or do you take inspiration from it and put your own preferences on it?  My style has changed so much throughout the years and I still find it constantly changing from year to year; sometimes even month to month.  I like that fashion allows me to be creative on the outside, but once you look deeper and step into the other side, it can be analytical.

Blake Lively and the late Bill Cunningham!  Blake almost always looks flawless and she is self-styled!  Her ability to consistently pick out outfits that suit her and look amazing is envy inducing.  Mr. Cunningham was someone who was really dedicated to his work up until his passing.  He brought attention to emerging trends from the streets that designers tap into for their new collections.

Lily's recent pics from LA's California Market on Snapchat.

As a child, my dream was to be a model and have my own fashion line.  I studied Business with the aspiration that it would get me to where I wanted, but with a field that was more socially regarded.  

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Business and in many ways, it has helped me with my current pursuits in Fashion.  

A couple Summers ago, I decided to take the plunge and test the waters by taking classes at San Diego Mesa College to see which side I wanted to look in from.  Did I want to continue seeing what Fashion was like from the inside?  Or am I content with purely admiring the glitz and glam of it?  I’m not sure when it happened, but my curiosity for the industry has since shifted to Merchandising.  

My ventures with the Mesa Fashion Program is still ongoing and the experiences have been pleasantly eye-opening.

I would love to start styling for people; making them feel and look good for the occasion they need it for.  I think that will be a fun challenge for myself and the person getting styled.  I also would really enjoy visual merchandising for stores; styling inanimate objects and designing displays that will best showcase the items.

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Getting to know blogger Gabrielle, and her personal style.

Here's Gabrielle with her fashion personality, and fashion goals!

"What I love about fashion is that it gives people the capability to express themselves without even having to talk. What you wear sends a message that is personal to each person, and is open for interpretation by the views of others.
My fashion muses are Pharrell Williams and and Solange Knowles. I love how they manage to pull off so many fashion eras by incorporating all types of vintage pieces and bright colors, and they do this with the up most class and sophistication.

During my junior year of high school I was the leader of my schools fashion club. It was such an amazing experience and it taught me a lot about myself and how to lead others. As of now I am currently a student at San Diego Mesa college completing my GE requirements and taking a lot of fashion courses to learn more about the industry.

It is a major goal of mine to become a well known fashion stylist. I love styling people and helping them express themselves through what they wear. This is important because the saying is very true, "if you look good, you'll feel good"."


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