Exclusive: Elie Tahari's Creative Director, Fred Tutino

On Friday, October 14th, 2016, San Diego's Neiman Marcus, had the honor of hosting Elie Tahari's Fall 2016 presentation. Along with a sneak peek of their Holiday 2016 collection, presented by Elie Tahari's creative director Fred Tutino!

The afternoon started with a reception for attendees. Guests sipped on their choice of lemonade or iced tea. While nibbling on delicious appetizers.
(Sliders and red potato skins.)

Resident stylist Alex Yanez, moderated the presentation, as Mr. Tutino discussed Elie Tahari's looks.

The first model wore a sneak peek item, from Elie Tahari's Holiday 16. A flirty black leather skirt. The ruffled hem line adds a soft feminine touch.

Bomber jacket plus leather pants equals perfect Fall Trends!

Midnight Blue is a key color from this collection, Mr. Tutino also discussed the blouse that was worn under the leopard print blazer. The see through patterned is very strategic, making sure there is coverage. No need to worry about a nip slip, or any other fashion faux pas.

Next Mr. Tutino described the soft texture of the rabbit fur blue vest. Along with the shoulder cut out top. Also known as the cold shoulder trend!

Alex and Fred discuss the mixed materials of this super cute wine colored vest.

The model laughs as she hears Fred Tutino discuss about, this particular struggle with Elie. This shoulder was hand sewn meticulously. Elie Tahari reminds his staff that their customers come first. Don't interfere the long hours that create this look, with a higher markup selling  price point.

The next model wore blue velvet, just like the classic song!

The creative director showed a style tip, taking the flowy dress from day to night. By simply creating an off the shoulder look!

Mr. Tutino described the black cape from the collection. It's composed of double sided wool, so there is no inner lining on the cape.
(Cape plus a cold shoulder top.)

Beautiful wine colored pea coat and dress. The lace details adds elegance!

Leather jacket and velvet pants, make a great combination!

Here is an exclusive Victorian chic dress by Elie Tahari, that can only be purchased at Neiman Marcus. 

Last but not least,  Mr. Tutino revealed that Elie Tahari fans can rejoice, the brand has introduced evening wear. 
 (Gorgeous midnight blue and black evening dress.)

That's a wrap from the presentation! Special thank you to Fred Tutino for presenting at Neiman Marcus San Diego!

Make sure to shop Elie Tahari at Neiman Marcus, or online at http://www.elietahari.com.

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