SDCC: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Lip Transformation Station

The 47th San Diego Comic-Con International 2016, is currently taking place, through Sunday, July 24th. Aside from the event at the Convention Center. There are various free events, featuring upcoming popular arts and entertainment. 

So let there be LIPS! Complimentary costume make-up by The Rocky Horror Picture Show Lip Transformation Station.  Located at Convention Way & 5th Ave Pier, behind the Convention Center.

The experience includes your choice of the lip colors, pink, red, rainbow, American flag, and classic glitter red! After the make-up artist applies your choice of Rocky Horror inspired lip. You receive a red carpet picture, with The Rocky Horror Picture Show backdrop. Last, as you exit, you receive a free Rocky Horror trucker hat (since 2007 trends are making a subcultural comeback).

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is a classic cult phenomenon. The new school Rocky Horror, will be airing this October on Fox. Follow them on social media @RockyHorrorFOX, to get the details, of when the premier will air!

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