Vanity Fair and LouisVIII, have partnered for L’ODYSSÉE D’UN ROI.  L’ODYSSÉE D’UN ROI, is an exhibit that is curated with luxury fashion houses, Hermés, Saint Louis, and Puiforcat. The unique art pieces, were inspired by the late 1870's, when LouisVIII was first shipped. 

The art will be available for auction from famed auctioneer Sotheby's. Proceeds from the auction will benefit non-profit organization, The Film Foundation.

L'ODYSSÉE D'UN ROI exhibit is on display, in New York this month. With a few follow-up auctions. Check out the dates, worldwide!

June 1-27: The New York Exhibit at Brookfield Place, NY. 

  September 10: Sotheby’s Auction in New York City.

October 1: Sotheby’s Auction in Hong Kong.

November 16: Sotheby’s Auction in London.

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