Emerging Designer: Elisa Sanna

Elisa Sanna is an emerging designer, that learned fashion techniques on her own. Residing in Milan Italy, Elisa began her career working at a tailor shop for a seamstress. Elisa would learn through, a hands on approach, of tailoring. After lots of practice, Elisa decided to create her own collection.

Elisa Sanna's latest collection is made from natural fabrics, with included materials  cotton, silk, hemp, soy,  and nettle. The clean and flirty silhouettes come with neutral colors and black and white staples. The collection is full of transitional event attires!

Here are a few looks, from designer Elisa Sanna!

Photo Credit: http://www.elisasanna.com

Visit and shop the emerging designers entire collection at http://www.elisasanna.com.

(catch a behind the scenes look at Elisa Sanna here http://www.elisasanna.com/sartoria.php)

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