Break Up To Make Up: RE/DONE

RE/DONE is a dope vintage re-purpose denim manufacturer, located  in downtown Los Angeles. Currently specializing in brands Levi's and includes Hanes tees, RE/DONE has created sustainable contemporary/luxury jeans. The RE/DONE process begins with sorting out the best salvageable pieces of jeans.

The jeans that get reconstructed, are washed, ripped apart at the seams, and re cut to RE/DONE's patterns. Next, the denim is resown, and is measured a few times, to fit RE/DONE's measuring charts. Lastly, the jeans are washed, and labels, buttons, zippers, and trimming, completes the process.

To ensure a proper fit, the jeans that you order online, are the actual jeans that are in your check out cart!

So whether you prefer skinny, straight, wide leg, high rise, or crop. Get them RE/DONE at

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