Introducing, Candy Crush Fashion

Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile gaming apps worldwide. The developers of the app, have partnered with the fashion community from all over the world, and created Candy Crush fashion. Fans of the Candy Crush game, can now express it in style, instead of sending out an invite. Over the next few weeks, Candy Crush will be introducing new styles.

The first piece announced, is from jewelry designer Myriam Soseilos. The jewelry designer also known as SOS, is an honorary member of the British Jeweller's Association. SOS designed a rotating ring, that give you color combination options. The rings are available in silver or rose gold with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and citrine. The hand craftsmanship design of the rings, are custom to your ring size. 

If you order a ring before April 17th, you will receive an early bird gift. It includes a Candy Crush bag or sweatshirt, make sure to buy now before the free offers disappear! You can make your Candy Crush rotating ring purchase at

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