Blazing World

Today is the 20th, of April, aka Four-Twenty. The term associated with marijuana. The marijuana culture has been in the mainstream news, with the topics of  both, medicinal and recreational use. Gradually State by State, laws for medicinal marijuana have been passing.  Out here in California, this culture isn't taboo, compared to "conservative" regions of the United States. 

As a matter of fact, Californians have adopted some slang, that is associated with weed. The majority of the slang is used to emphasize, quality on a grand scale of greatness.

One of our favorite craft breweries Modern Times, use marijuana slang frequently, to describe their beer. One of our favorite beers from the brand is Blazing World. 
Blazing World, as described on the beer's label, is a hoppy, dank, Amber. 

Blazing World, is also one of our, go to concert tee shirts. The front of the tee shirt, says The Stickiest Of The Icky. Which is marijuana slang for crème de la crème, or best of the best. On the back of the tee, is simply the Blazing World label.

If you like this tee, check out the rest of what Modern Times has to offer.  
Visit, for more Four-Twenty type of  beer references.

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