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Vanity Fair Social Club's final panel, ROFL: Comedy Goes Viral, was moderated by Shira Lazar, of What's Trending. This blog post is brought to you by guest

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The final Panel was YouTube stars Kingsley, Bart Baker, Lele Pons,and my personal fave Gabrielle Hannah. If you have not seen it , please stop everything [after reading this post of course] and go to YouTube and watch The Gabbie Show it’s h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.The premises is a variety type of show. I’m laughing while writing this- What a crazy brilliant show! Don’t you think? OK, back to the panel of You tubers.

The panel  discussed their humble beginnings, and how they have managed to have continued viral success. The main ingredient being is, that they’ve had to stay true to their channel and viewers. Even at time turning down money from brands, that were not in line with their aesthetic. Some of the the underlining themes of the panel was to be organic, know what your channel stands for and stay true to your audience.  

Gabrielle Hannah, offered this suggestion when using comedy to entertain people. Don’t leave yourself out of the equation, be consistent with your uploads, and don’t be afraid to try new things, or to be different. Bart Barker further explained, how the popular YouTube  channels of today, are of people who dared to be different and unique.

The day ended with a Stella Artois sponsored Happy Hour. To be honest, I am still having withdrawals from #VFSC. It was a great social event that brought so many creative types together under one roof. I made a lot of new friends (hint, one of them is letting me guest post on her blog right now) and I am already looking forward to the next #VFSC event.

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