Social Media Stars At The Vanity Fair Social Club

Our previous posts from the Vanity Fair Social Club featured various panelists, including 2016 Oscar nominees, leaders in the film industry, and beauty experts. Each day topics on social media, and social awareness, were also included during the panels.

On the first day, Vanity's Social Media Editor, Jeffrey Tousey hosted A Conversation With YouTube Sensation Tyler Oakley. Tyler Oakley currently has over 8 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. His book Binge is a New York Times best seller, and also has a documentary on iTunes , and Hulu, titled Snervous. Tyler discussed how his life basically became a YouTube channel.

Back in 2007, is when Tyler began his YouTube channel, out of his college dorm. Tyler absolutely did not know, what he was doing. During his time at college, all Tyler knew was, that he wanted to work for large tech companies. 

He continued to create YouTube videos about his life. Next thing you know, Tyler was reaching an audience. Tyler realizes now that being himself, and open with his lifestyle, has helped others. He has become his audience's voice.

Tyler has reached social media star status, interviewing both the POTUS and FLOTUS, and appearing on The Ellen Show. Tyler's biggest advice to others, who have vlogs and blogs. Is to just be you, be authentic with your audience. 
Catch Tyler Oakley on Youtube at

The next day, entertainment TV host Keltie Knight, from The Insider, made an appearance. Keltie moderated, How Social Is Changing The Business Of Music, featuring musical guest, Emblem3. The Emblem3 members are brothers Wesley, and Keaton Stromberg, and pal Drew Chadwick.

Before becoming famous for their song Chloe. The guys started out playing music at home, jamming out in their garage. After uploading their music on social media, they gained fans and signed a recording contract. When the record label wanted to knead them into cookie cutter artists. Emblem3 obliged to conform, and went on hiatus. The fellas recording contracts expired, and next would decide to get back together.

Without a label, Emblem3 used social media platforms, to retain and grow their audience. Emblem3 has total control of their music, expressing themselves on their own terms. Social media has allowed them to create the music that they want.
After talking and asking questions on the panel. The guys performed an acoustic set, and gave the VFSC an intimate concert! Emblem3 are embarking on a world tour. Download Emblem3's music for free on their app at

The following day, the social media panel, included a social awareness topic. Vanity Fair contributor, Nell Scovell guest hosted the Equal Means Equal Campaign. Featuring Academy Award winning actress, and equal rights advocate Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette appeared in the documentary, Equal Means Equal. The synopsis of the documentary, is about inequality across the lines of women's issues of, reproduction rights, pregnancy discrimination, domestic violence, and the gender pay gap.

Patricia Arquette, became a mother at the age of 20.  Before finding steady work as an actress, Patricia struggled to provide for her child and herself. Also, Patricia and her Hollywood siblings, grew up in poverty, before reaching the limelight. She genuinely understands what it is like, to have discriminatory actions based on being a woman. 
 You can learn more, about gender inequality, by watching the documentary, Equal Means Equal.

On the last day of social media panels. Front Roe TV host, Louise Roe moderated, A New Paradigm: The Power Of The Social Influencer. The panelists included, top fashion and lifestyle bloggers: Rocky Barnes of Rocky Barnes Blog, Andy Torres from Style ScrapbookWendy's Lookbook blogger, Wendy Nguyen, and Marianna Hewitt of Life with Me.

Louise Roe, started the discussion about how the bloggers grew to Influencer status with their blogs. Blogger/model Rocky Barnes expressed, that celebrities and their lifestyle is unattainable. While bloggers like herself, are authentic, like an open book. 

There are some lines, a few of the bloggers will not cross. For example, Wendy Nguyen, doesn't share her personal life, with the exception of her juvenile justice foundation. Andy Torres won't share about her relationship with her boyfriend. Her and her boyfriend, respect each other's relationship privacy.

As far as working with brands, Andy says she only works with brands that fits for her. All of the bloggers have declined certain brands, because it simply did not relate to their blog. To keep inspiration for her blog, Marianna Hewitt likes to view street style and Instagram. The bloggers have evolved into designing clothing, and other creative directions with brands.

All of the fashion bloggers, offered a consensus of advice on blogging. Stay true to you, and don't fake someone you're not. You will be second best, if you copy someone. Find your own voice, and just be you!

This concludes's daily panel report from Vanity Fair Social Club. The final panel report, will be a guest post from!

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