The Art Of Costume Design

On Friday, February 26th, 2016, Senior Hollywood Writer, Julie Miller hosted the panel titled, The Art Of Costume Design. The guest Costume Designer Sandy Powell, is a long time collaborator of Director Martin Scorsese. She is 12 time Oscar nominee, and has won 3 times! Sandy is nominated this year for Best Costume Design for the movies Cinderella and Carol.

Julie Miller got right into the questions about the wardrobes for the movies, along with the visuals from the movies. Starting with Cinderella, Sandy described creating the ball gown. Cinderella's gown was made with 6 different colors of fabric to make up the blue.  The colors included green, lilac, and iridescent white. The dress took 500 man hours, with 20 people, to create the beautiful work.  During the Royal Ball scenes, all of the men wore traditional regular evening wear. Some of women's dresses are rented, some were created from scratch. 100 extras of the women's dresses were made of the  cheapest fabrics, but made to look like sparkle.

The Fairy Godmother's dress had LED lights with a battery pack. The lighting engineer had to go under her skirt, to turn the lights on and off in between scenes. One incident with wardrobe occurred on a really cold day. The electric heater had caught Cinderella's wedding dress on fire. They had already shot the wedding scenes at the time the fire happened. Sometimes the actors do have to re shoot certain scenes. Since the top layer was damaged, they had to make another top layer of hand painted flowers.

After discussing Cinderella, Julie Miller segued into the wardrobes for the movie Carol. Sandy Powell discussed the inspiration for the movie came from old Hollywood movies. Cate Blanchett donned vintage fur from bits of old coats. Vintage jewelry were from Van Cleef and Arpel's. Shoes for vintage looks are hardest to find. So the lovely people from Ferragamo, recreated a few like from their archives. Rooney Mara's look in Carol, was inspired from Audrey Hepburn.

Sandy Powell described her biggest challenge she faces in Costume Design. Not being able to meet the actors ahead of time for sizing. They often look different in size in person.

Will Sandy Powell win her fourth Oscar tonight, for Best Costume Design? Find out tonight, starting at 5:30 PT/8:30 ET on ABC.

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