Magnifique, Cheeses Of Europe Pop Up Preview

The Cheeses of Europe held a media preview last night, in front of Macy's Fashion Valley. It was an amazing learning experience for us. We got insightful knowledge of over 30 various cheeses. From which part of Europe the cheese originated from. To which cow produces milk, for a specific kind of cheese (including creams, and butter). Going well beyond our knowledge of pairings, of the basic cheese platter.

Since there were so many cheeses, (didn't get the opportunity to try everything). We wanted share one of our favorite pairing table.

The first flight tasting, had baked brie with chipotle mango honey, and cilantro. We have to admit, we were unsure about the cilantro paired up with brie. But after we tried it with the honey, it was very good! The second flight, were skewers of comte and pineapple. Which wasn't bad for a hard cheese, the pineapple brought out the balance. Last but not least, the final flight was mac and mimolette cheese scoops. This gourmet macaroni and cheese, had a nice kick to it, really yummy!

Tastings of common, everyday dairy products, such as triple whipped cream cheese, and butter was fantastic! Very inexpensive to buy at the pop up, selling for only $4 dollars a tub.

The Cheeses of Europe pop up is free, and runs today and tomorrow, from 11-6pm. Don't miss out on wonderful pairings and savings!

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