Just A Girl That Sings

On Wednesday February 24th, 2016, the following programming after the Oscars predictions, was Just A Girl That Sings.  Katey Rich, Hollywood Editor of VanityFair.com hosted, with guest Asif Kapadia, Director, of Amy. The movie Amy, is nominated for Best Documentary Feature, about late singer Amy Winehouse. Amy is currently the highest British documentary film of all time. 

Amy has received accolades for Best Music Film at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Along with Best European Documentary, at the 2015, European Film Awards. Just a few honors from the critically acclaimed Film.

Director Asif Kapadia, is from North London where Amy is from, he described that this documentary took 3 years to make. The difficult challenge he faced, was the beginning process of the documentary. It was hard getting people who knew Amy to talk. The film Amy features raw home footage from Amy's childhood. Narrations of personal friends that Amy grew up with. Mr. Kapadia had to gain trust, and prove to Amy Winehouse's loved ones, that it wasn't another exploit for money. After experiencing how the documentary might be hard to make. Mr. Kapadia understood that it was important to portray Amy as a human. Not the singer's controversial public image.

Asif Kapadia learned various things about how the fame took a toll on Amy. He described how Amy Winehouse was different from the rest. Amy was very bright, she was so smart, she could outwit a whole room of doctors. Ultimately, it was how the media portrayed Amy, and inexperienced paparazzi, badgering a vulnerable soul. That contributed to the demise of the singer.  Mr. Kapadia says the media has learned a hard lesson about Amy Winehouse. The media grew a conscious and now feels guilty.

The VFSC got a surprise during the panel, Amy Winehouse's friend and first manager, Nick Shymansky joined the stage. Nick had known Amy since the age of 16. Nick had managed Amy, until she got a label deal. Nick's participation in the documentary, was to preserve Amy's legacy. It was also Director Asif Kapadia's goal as well to keep her legacy as bright as her music.

Tune in tonight at 5:30 PT/ 8:30 ET on ABC, if Best Documentary Feature Amy, takes home the Oscar. 

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