iFilm: A Conversation With The Director & Star Of Tangerine

Thursday, February 25th, 2016, Vanity Fair's Executive West Coast Editor Krista Smith hosted iFilm: A Conversation Wit The Director And Star Of Tangerine.

The panel guests were Director Sean Baker,and Actress Mya Taylor,  of Tangerine, which has become a top independent breakout film. Tangerine was shot
entirely on an iPhone 5s. The distributor of the movie, became the first to execute a campaign for a transgender actress. The film has received 4 nominations, at the Independent Spirit Awards. Mya Taylor took home the award for Best Supporting Female, at ISA. Making her the first transgendered woman to win a major movie acting award.

Watching Sean Baker and Mya Taylor on stage was humorous! The duo are like brother and sister, picking on each other, making snarky comments, out of love and admiration for one another. So how does a film shot on an iPhone, make it in Hollywood? Director Sean Baker casted Tangerine from Craigslist, and  off social media.  Mya Taylor took a chance filming with an unknown director, and without a professional camera. Neither of them expected Tangerine to gain this amount of success. 

The unfiltered Mya Taylor wasn't sure what they were getting into.
Mya Taylor is a larger than life, she described the whirlwind that Tangerine has gave her. Even though Hollywood has her jet setting, she lives far from LA, residing in a quiet town. One Hollywood friend that she goes to advice for is Caitlyn Jenner.  Mya says that she is a better at singing than acting. She is heavily influenced by the late singer/actress/model Aaliyah. 

Tangerine has opened opportunities for Mya, she has a few projects in the works. She has tuned down some offers because she didn't have a connection to it. One project Mya would like to do is a web series. Mya is really pushing for a web series, because the Internet has no filter, just like her.

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