All About That Bass

This year, we a made a promise to our overall wellness, to relax when possible. One of our favorite ways to relax, is by listening to music. 

Photo credit: Apple Music

We began our last weekend of January 2016, on Friday with Lazer Sound. Lazer Sound is a bi-weekly program, on Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio, from DJ group Major Lazer.  This week's Lazer Sound, had a takeover by Dillon Francis. Dillon Francis's set had edm, 90's hip hop/randb (Mariah Carey, Fantasy remix ft. ODB), 90's pop, then transitioned back to edm. Here is the link

Photo credit: Apple Music

On Saturday, Beats 1 Radio premiered a program from Skrillex, called OWSLA Radio. This program was curated well by Skrillex and his roster of artists, on his OWSLA label.  Then music featured a nice mix of music, from the bass genre. You can listen to the premier episode from this link

Late afternoon/early eve Saturday, we listened to one of our favorite music programs by DJ WarriorFuturebass. Futurebass airs weekly on Dash Radio. One remix that stood out on this week's program, was a bass version of Can't Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. DJ Warrior stated over social media, that he was going to drop some gems, on next week's program. Make sure to tune in to hear the rebroadcast of Futurebass at

In between radio programs, a song that stood out was by Swedish artist Cherrie. We don't understand what she is saying but the beat was cool. Check out this video for her song Tabanja

We hope you enjoy the music, as much as we did! Have a good week everyone! Just a reminder, all of the music programs can be streamed for free.

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