Exclusive:The Sounds of Avec Sans


Dope music is essential, in order to keep the livelihood of your holiday party going. After listening to Avec Sans, you're going to want them on your holiday season playlists. 

Emerging electro pop duo Avec Sans are buzzing around various multi-media outlets. Receiving notoriety from MTV Soundtrack featuring Avec Sans music, on various programs. Legendary fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana, has even declared them to be one of the best next big thing in music. 

Singer/producer Alice Fox and DJ/producer Jack St. James, are currently working on a new EP, and preparing for what 2016 brings them.  Here is our exclusive interview with Avec Sans!

What is your musical background?

Punk bands and folk bands. We then both fell in love with electronic music and met each other in a completely different place. 

What are your favorite music artists, are there any artists who you connected with since your childhood? 

Current artists we like include The Postal Service, Sufjan Stevens, Kate Boy, Arcade Fire, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem,  TV on the Radio, Bon Iver, Everything Everything etc. I think the things that have followed us from childhood have largely been the things from our parents generation, Bowie, Kate Bush etc. 

Swear by Avec Sans, is a very fashionable video.

How did your group form?

Jack actually saw me fronting another band and stole me away. He played a very sneaky, very long game, I didn’t spot it until about a year after it happened. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

A: really visually interesting films, other acts, new music, we’re always listening to new sounds and getting inspiration from people working in different genres. 

What is your creative process like for creating a song?

There’s a lot of hard work and then tiny windows of inspirations when everything magically seems to fall into place of its own accord. I WISH we could just hit those creative moments, but it seems you always have to put in the massive amounts of graft, creating things you throw away, in order to get those little breakthrough moments. 

We understand art is a form of expression, what/ how  would you like people to take/feel from listening to your music?

We want them to find something they can connect with and relate to, something that stays with them melodically. The songs are often happy sad/bitter sweet, but we ultimately want to uplift people. 

How has your musical ride been so far?

It’s been an absolute blast. It’s incredibly hard to break through as a musician these days, so we’ve approached it all extremely philosophically. We see every single thing that happens as a bonus. Every trip abroad has been such a privilege, we’ve seen parts of this country we’ve never been to before, we’ve been out to Europe seven times, played in Canada, in New York and LA and we’re off to SXSW next year, which is a dream come true. We’ve played fashion launches, on catwalk shows, had radio play, and great reviews and most importantly, we’ve met some really wonderful people. We have the pleasure of creating music and artwork with no restrictions and no boundaries other than the ones we set ourselves. Making music has really enriched our lives.

 We learned Avec Sans have multi-faceted influences of music genres. Something we deeply admire here!  We would like to give a special thank you to Avec Sans for taking the time out to answer a few questions for us! 

Make sure to download, stream, and stay updated on their latest music at http://avecsans.com/.

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