Emo Cat: When Coors Lightning Strikes

On Friday, December 18th, 2015, Culture Brewing Company in Ocean Beach, had the privilege of hosting a  book signing, for humorous animator Drew Toonz.
Drew Toonz, whose cartoons and comics, have been prevailed in the surfing industry. Developed a following on Instagram, with a character named Emo Cat. Emo Cat's comics, express a satirical reflection on political,  pop culture, and the complexities of relationships. Drew Toonz newly released book, Coors Lightning, is a compilation of Emo Cat's comics. 

Cheers from Drew Toonz.

Gucci case, and shark puppet, which are featured in Drew Toonz's comics from time to time.

Drew Toonz's carries his pens, pencils, and markers, in a Gucci case. Here are some of Emo Cat's fashion moments.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/drewtoonz 

Drew Toonz is currently on a book tour, in support of Coors Lightning. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @drewtoonz, for his book signing dates.

Drew Toonz's book signing included prints for sale, and complementary bites courtesy of Drunken Master Chef.

Emo Cat is one of our favorite Instagram accounts, because he always keeps us laughing, on the daily! To purchase your copy of Coors Lightning, and more animation from Drew Toonz, please visit www.drewtoonz.tv. 

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