Ball So Hard... Stella & Bow's BALLywood Collection

Stella and Bow just launched their pre-fall 2015 collection dubbed Ballywood. The jewelry duo, were born and raised in Los Angeles, where the streets, and areas of Hollywood, are the inspiration for this collection.
The collection features a range of sizes, ball designed details from 1.5mm, to 8.7mm. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and anklets, balled out, available in silver and gold. Peep the Ballywood collection!

Bracelets pictured  from top to bottom, Ivar, Cosmo, Roosevelt, Forever, and Runyon. Also available in silver.

Rings from top to bottom, El Capitan,Gower, Fuller, Fountain, Franklin, El Centro, and Magic Castle. Also available in gold.

Earrings pictured from top to bottom, Wilcox, Hollywood, La Brea, Kodak, Mullholland, Vine, and Egyptian. Also available in silver.

Necklaces from top to bottom, Highland, Cherokee, Melrose, Ivar, and Las Palmas Choker. Also available in gold.

Anklets Capital in bothe gold and silver.

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