6th Annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival: Night One

The 6th annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, is happening over the weekend. Over 11,000 films were screened, and narrowed down to be selected, for the festival. Fashion creatives from all parts of the globe, have been presenting their films. Here are our favorite fashion films from day one.

*Certain films are not published, or have links.

Night Fits by Marcus K. Jones

Paris Est A Nous (teaser) by Virginia Bach

The New Sovereignty by Ace Norton

Boreal Sky by Josh Brandao 

Arete Fall/Winter 2015 by Wing Shya https://vimeo.com/127920160

Venezia by Adrian Lazarus https://vimeo.com/129118935 

Peyote Dreams (trailer) by Noir Tribe Media https://vimeo.com/105553383

Stay tuned for our recap of night two...

For more information on the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, please visit www.ljfff.com.

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