Emerging Designer: FODDIS by Umby Foddis

Sardinian fashion designer Umby Foddis, was born to design. Raised in a fashion oriented family, where various memebers have worked for prestigious designers. Umby started working in fashion, at the age of 14 in Rome for fashion house Gattinoni, where he quickly segued to be first assistant. 

Ten years later, Umby Foddis began selling his own designs to stores in Milan. Umby's talents has received recognition from the fashion industry, where he has been featured in Wowcracy. Mr. Foddis is inspired by glamourous women, which is translated into his fashion designs. 

FODDIS by Umby Foddis's designs vary for special occasions, from an elegant day to classic couture evening look. All made in Italy, with the best fabrics and fashion forward inspiring designs.

Let's take a look at a few of our favorites,  from designer Umby Foddis Spring/Summer2015 collection!

Visit http://www.umbyfoddis.com/ to shop more gorgeous looks!

*photo credit: umbyfoddis.com


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