Exclusive Look At Bottles And Wood

On Friday, March 6th, 2015, Bottles and Wood hosted a private event to the San Diego Style Bloggers, courtesy of Be Social PR.Bottles and Wood is a sustainable, recycling, fashion, and home decor store. Starting out in Las Vegas, and relocating to San Diego six months ago. Bottles and Wood have primary sources from the local restaurant and club industry. Proudly preserving the environment for San Diego.

Bottles and Wood's motto  is reclaim, repurpose, reward, and is set naturally in wood, apothecary style. The bottles are from premium water, alcohol, craft beer, and soda pop. Decorated and organized in their brands section. Each bottle brand has their own jewelry, ashtrays, candle holders, tumblers, shot glasses, and knickknacks. The wood pieces include lighting fixtures tables, ledges, carved wood, cheese platters, and trays.

A  tour of the facilities was provided for the bloggers, they received an up close look at the work and craftmanship of how the wood and bottles are made. The bloggers also got to make some jewelry.



Bottles and Wood is perfect for gifting a unique, and cool present. Or decortating your home with some sweet indie items. All while helping the enviornment!

@BottlesWood "shrine" of The Dude from The Big Lebowski

For more info from Bottles and Wood, visit www.bottlesandwood.com. Stop by their store at 5030 Shawline St. San Diego, CA 92111. We have a promo code available! Use code : SDSTYLE ,  for a discount!

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